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About Me

There's no such thing as a perfect image-only a perfect moment says Joe Buissink, one of American Photo's Top 10 Wedding Photographers in the World.

Hello, thank you for taking the time to view my website. Modern Contemporary Wedding photography is Story Telling. Being a part of the couples journey in life, observing, creating and capturing moments that will be personal and timeless.

These past few years, I've been associated with a group of talented photographers here in Hawaii. Jose at Picture This Photography, Dave at Dave Miymamoto & Co., Russ at Russ Ramos Photography. They have all helped my development as a photographer, and as I continue to grow and evolve, I will always be grateful for their inspiration. As Wedding photographers, we are all different, whether its technique, shooting styles or even the equipment we use. But we all have a similar goal, we want to capture those romantic and timless images, those special moments.

Bio (short kine)

Erwin Res' (long last name you know :) think of Easter Sunday

Hawaii Born

Local Public School System (go gov's... love the Punahou Carnival though, thanks Lisa:)

BYU Hawaii & UH (Manoa)

Academy Art College of San Francisco (now Academy Art University of San Francisco)

Lived in Los Angeles and San Francisco (7 years, Joe, Jerry and Steve 'Niner Years)

Operated DoubleTake 1 Hour Photo/Studio (89'-91') and (94'-98') with best friend and former business partner (Hey Edward)

Formula 1 Racing Fan (since Senna and Schumacher years, thanks again Edward), now the Young Guns (Alonzo, Raikonnen, Vettel, Hamilton)

Photo Geek (love camera equipment, especially older Contax fim gear... well not that old, 90's stuff, Canon gear now, digital you know)

Audio(phile) can't really afford all the expensive high end tube gear (love Naim, ProAc, Revel, Nordost, other stuff)

Jazz Lover (Pat Metheny, Avishai Cohen, J. Redmen, Manu Katche, C. Mcbride, others... also like U2, Seal-thanks to Joey, old Police, Steely Dan)

Anyone for 10's (tennis when I can, or when my friends aren't working so much)

Love the Laker's (I mean diehard since the Wilt, Jerry era into the Magic show, Shaq and now Kobe years) sorry Celtic fans :( Bird was cool though... Hey Chicago Fans, No. 23 was the man

Left my Heart in... Tokyo (the food, the sights, the energy, Kinokuniya Bookstore, a Photographers Dream... oh, San Francisco too :)

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